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Annual Compliance

Companies and company directors have the onerous responsibility of ensuring that their companies (in frequently diverse locations) are fully compliant with their corporate law obligations at all times.Ensuring timely compliance is a significant challenge, particularly within a global environment where regulatory change is common and sanctions for non-compliance can be severe.Ensuring corporate compliance creates administrative burdens and can be time consuming and a significant distraction for the management.

At LENNAP we are committed to helping our clients in the best possible manner, using innovative techniques to ease the administrative burden across functional and geographical boundaries. We offer corporate services including;

  • Incorporation of companies and establishment of branch offices
  • Notarisation and legalisation (apostille) services
  • Corporate health checks, consistency analysis, status reports and remediation plans
  • Routine, recurring corporate compliance services (e.g. approval and filing of Annual accounts, (re-) appointment of directors, auditors, etc.)
  • Periodic changes and one-off events, such as extraordinary shareholder meetings, constitutional changes
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